Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Google Docs Updated!

It has been a frustrating week here with email up and down. I was planning to post about that turmoil but decided that it is too depressing to write about. I didn't have a positive thing to say and I don't want this place to be about griping. So I decided to post about something just announced from Google!

For years, we have been talking about and using Google Docs with the presentation tool for making online "Powerpoint" presentations. But the templates have started getting old and the lack of animation/transitions made it something people just weren't thrilled with.

This week, Google updated their Docs system with a bunch of really cool features including the ability to add animations and transitions. They also have more contemporary templates to choose from. 

There are new features for sharing with collaborators including the ability to have someone comment without having the ability to edit. I also appreciate that they changed their system to work with readers for visually impaired visitors. 

Here is a list of all the Google upgrades to Docs.

If you want to be using Google Docs more, use our online training site as a step-stone. Also, contact Joel and access the Google Apps for Education account he already has setup for you or try it yourself by entering your morning login and password to access your account!

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