Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Is the device necessary?

Last week, Amazon announced new Kindles in the bid for taking over the mobile device war. Today, Apple announced a new iPhone and some changes to the operating system that runs all their hardware. And next week, Google will be announcing some new device and ever changing apps.

Many people are saying that we are in the device war. That this is the time when devices are battling for top reign in the market.

But I am someone who literally lives in the cloud. All my work and personal files are stored online. I don't have cable television but I keep current using streaming Internet media and online music streaming. Banking and personal finance are also managed completely online. I even have my voicemail accessible online if I lose my phone.

My dependence on a particular device is no longer something I am taking part in.

To me, the battle is on between the browsers because certain web applications run smoother in different browsers. And the device is just a conduit for browsing the web based on the browser that is fully supported by the device.

And that is the problem with rushing to buy the latest and greatest new devices as they are released. You have to consider the browser first.

What you do online and the types of sites you visit should dictate the phone or device you purchase.

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