Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Shopping!

Tis the season!

The season when people call, email, text or stop by because they want to know "what computer do you recommend we buy for _____?".

This is really a difficult question for me to answer. Being the Chief Technology Officer, I cannot recommend ONE product over any other. I don't have secret deals. I don't know what store has the best discount. I don't have special coupon codes. I don't know which computer is going to be the best for what you or your kid needs.

I can only point you to places to help you find the best deal for what you want.

Seriously, this is THE list of places to go to shop for the best deals. This is where I go to shop for the deals I get for my family and friends.

First - learn smart. 

In 2009, I published this holiday shopping guide for the teachers and staff I work with. It is online and available still to help explain what to look for when purchasing a computer whether it is a laptop or netbook.

Second - shop smart.

CNET is awesome. CNET is like a shopping guide and consumer reports rolled into one. CNET evaluates all technology products. And for holidays, they have a directory to help you find products of interest to you. They can help you find a list of products based on exactly what you need.

Finally - price smart.

As for pricing, I suggest you look to Amazon or use a search tool like Google Shopping or Bing Shopping to find price ranges for what you want.

One last recommendation:
Find an actual store that sells the device you are looking at spending your money to purchase. Drive yourself and/or the person you are buying this for to the actual store and get your hands on the device. Hold it, weigh it, check to see that the keyboard is a size you like, etc. Gadgets are expensive. So just like any other investment, you need to get your hands on it to see if it is what you want before you spend your money.

Anyone have any shopping recommendations to add? Please add in the comments below! I am sure some of you know good ideas and tips to share.

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  1. Very good advice. Thanks Joel!