Monday, November 21, 2011

Rethinking Classroom Design

I am huge into design and learning spaces. Last year while giving a standardized test, I spent my time walking around the room checking on the kids and also redesigning the room in my mind. If I were teaching in the room, how different would it look?

The answer is usually that the room would look completely different and that I would be broke and have an angry Maintenance Director upset that I didn't get approval first. That statement defines the learning spaces I taught in when I worked in classrooms.

So it is thrilling for me to see videos about not only classroom furniture design, but designs made by kids who will use those designs.

This comes from NBC News Education Nation 2011 blog "The Learning Curve" and today's post on Rethinking Classroom Furniture.

There are three videos toward the bottom of the page that I linked to above on Classroom Furniture. One is on the chair kids use. One is on the desk kids use. And one is on the locker space kids use. 

Who wouldn't want this furniture? Does this type of furniture make sense for kids?

And if you were to invite kids to redesign their learning spaces, what types of comments would you get about their current furniture? Leg pains? Back pains? 

For years I have sought to petition TLC or Discovery to bring back the Trading Spaces show and to create a spin-off or special edition called "Classroom Edition". Let's bring back simple design tips that can be replicated in schools by top designers!!

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  1. Love the idea of "Trading Spaces" for classrooms--that's awesome. Have you seen the book called The Library? It's all photos of libraries that were redesigned in NYC by the Robin Hood foundation. Some cool stuff. I do think if you have intention in mind, you can do a lot with rearranging spaces, using whiteboard paint, painting walls, buying some floor cushions, etc....if you know what you want to accomplish. Thanks for sharing.