Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Summer Staff Development....Development

I know it is November but my mind is already planning Summer Staff Development. I am already in June and working out some fresh ideas for planning summer staff development.

I am being influenced by outside resources that are sparking innovative learning ideas to share this summer. I started reading Marc Prensky's book Teaching Digital Natives: Partnering for Real Learning and the ideas are connecting gaps I feel I have left out of the past few years of staff development. I haven't been doing integrated technology training. I have only been showing tools and leaving the guesswork up to teachers to figure out what to do with those tools.

I apologize for this error. And the frustrating thing is that I know better than to do this. So I am unlearning and now learning to develop integration training strategies for teachers.

Gone are the days of staff development focused on only one tool or one resource. Now we are looking to hone in on changing the entire structure of classroom instruction to make it relevant and interactive.

We are going to look to create the types of learning partnerships established in Prensky's book as well as in all true personal learning network research that are successful for establishing trusted cooperative learning environments.

So here are a few titles in development for this summer. This is on-going and we hope to have a variety of trainings for every type of teacher in the district. Below is a draft list of topics we are developing. I would appreciate input into developing more topics and ideas!

  • Exploring Setting in the Worlds We Only Read About
  • Community Service Learning Projects
  • Preserving Elder Voice
  • Flipping Out: The Flipped Classroom
  • Mobile Math Wizards
  • Partnered Learning Method
  • Evaluating Student Work
  • Asking Better Questions
  • Harnessing Search on the Web
There is also a topic near and dear to my heart that isn't so much for teachers but for anyone who engages in providing staff development. I believe we as a district need to develop standards for organized meetings and engaged staff development. We need to look into ways to rotate from the "sit and get" style of 1 speaker talking down to the audience.

We need to stop ignoring the intelligence of the room and capitalize on it by encouraging collaboration and partnering with our own staff. So there will be staff development on staff development as well!

Please let me know other ideas or concepts you would be interested in either learning or sharing. This is the time to start considering sharing ideas and developing our summer offerings! Thanks for any input!

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