Wednesday, January 4, 2012


This week, we are starting to get our librarians their iPads in KISD. With those areas already set with wireless, it makes sense to get them used to these devices and helping us build our own lists of helpful apps for our students.

I have always felt that libraries are the central hub of the campus for information and learning. Librarians answer the "every question". They don't just shelve books. They have constant visitation from parents, students, teachers, principals, and any other visitor who just needs to get an answer.  If they don't have an answer, they are tasked with finding the answer. They are researchers, right?

So why not put the resource for retrieving answers in their hands? Too bad iPads don't fit on a belt or lanyard!

Another reason we are letting librarians access them is that we need more data about eBooks and eBook resources. This is the tool to help them be better researchers for all of us who are looking into more resources to help our teachers.

Lastly, there is a lot of talk about eBooks taking the place of real books. This talk has been going on pre-iPad but it seems to be a constant discussion. Why not let our librarians see if an eBook can replace a real book? Let them really look to see if an iPad can replace another instrument for instruction and learning.

They are researchers, right?

A final reason: I also like to spoil my librarians! This is why they are getting iPads as well.

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  1. This looks like a great idea. Its about time education systems in the US moved out of the stone age...

    Interactive Whiteboards are a must have for every classroom!