Tuesday, March 27, 2012

App Effect

Today I received the following letter from a group of staff members. It included images I wish I could share but I can't for student identity reasons. I told the group after I received it that so often my job is hearing when things don't work. It is such a blessing to get a letter like this and then to learn it also went to our Superintendents and directors involved.

The letter in full:

Dear Mr. Adkins,

We would like to thank you for making it possible, through an instructional grant, to provide iPads to the Elementary FLU (Functional Living Units) classes and Speech Therapists. From the time we got the iPads our students have ben very enthusiastic about using them. A lot of our students either don't have any way to communicate, their speech is unintelligible, or they just have difficulties with sentence structure, expressive and/or receptive language and find it hard to have meaningful conversation, especially out in the community.

The Proloquo2Go app is a communication app that is giving our students the opportunity to express themselves. We have many students that are verbal but their speech isn't clear or they just use 2 to 3 word phrases, but with the Proloquo2Go app they don't have to keep repeating their request because the [app] used within the iPad speaks for them. It's a very simple app to use and our students are quickly learning how to find what they are looking for to communicate.

When we received the first iPad and the Proloquo2Go app from a Region 20 grant, it was exciting to see our students' faces light up when they saw the iPad for the first time. They were quickly engaged in various communication activities and they couldn't wait until it was their turn to use the device. We knew from the progress they were making that the iPad was going to benefit our students in the classroom setting as well as in the community.

So thank you for thinking of our students and giving them a way to communicate and be successful in the classroom and in the community. We look forward to seeing the progress through the years, in each student, as they continue to use the iPad with the Proloquo2Go communication app.

Attached is a picture of our trip to Jalisco's for lunch and using the iPad to communicate what they wanted to eat.


I have to say that the three pictures were nice and I heard from one staff member that it was the first time some of these kids had ever been able to order their food for themselves. Awesome!

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