Friday, March 9, 2012

Being the Student Again

I found a really profound post from an educator in the New York area who was at SxSWEDU this year. She claims she is a former teacher but I hate to call someone a former teacher; especially when a blog post like this captures the heart of education. I feel we dishonor those who served by using the word "former" when it comes to retirees or people who have left education (unless they go work for Textbook companies, then they are called TRAITORS! LOL!)

But I feel that @edgeeks, Marisa Kaplan really hit the nail on the head and versed something for me I have not been able to describe all that well: the feeling of being a student again at conferences

Toward the bottom of her post, she shares that common thread of emotion I experience at these conferences. It is this experience I enjoy most in my job because it does pull me back to the time when I was a student. It is this experience I feel we need to surface more within our teachers to see more relevant connection between learner and teacher.

From EdGeek's blog:

Throughout a day like today, I go through the motions of being a student again – feeling:
  • So inspired that I feel like I can do anything
  • Like I have no idea what the teacher is talking about
  • Like I already know what the teacher is teaching, so I’m bored
  • Like I need to take a walk because I’ve been sitting for too long
  • Like I wish I could speak more
  • Nervous to ask a question

I love her post. It is one of those things I would want to bring up in professional development with teachers to let them voice their range of emotion during training. Maybe a Gamestorm activity to chart these feelings as we go and then a time to share how this connects them to their students.


  1. Hmmm...I like the feel of these comments Joel. Real allowed your conference experiences to make the very hard journey to readers who were not there...yet still able to gain fresh perspective. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Thanks Eddie! I feel out of place here and yet home too. It is hard to get until you are here and you don't see the usual conference crowd. But I am branching out and talking to people as much as I can. Really interesting people here.

    The startup business is really interesting. These people work together for six months then go to another project. So they run into each other all over the place and just start sharing again as if they had not seen each other since yesterday.

    It is really great to see people reconnect and carry on conversations about what they are doing. Such a vibrant and creative community!

  3. Just hearing you describe it makes me wish I was able to go. It definitely seems like my cup of tea! Maybe next year (let's hope).