Monday, March 26, 2012

Cloud OS

I keep thinking of this picture and using it to formulate an idea of what the future holds for us. Thinking about now and how we are all tied to a particular device to access content.

This picture is a quick view of when we don't need a device (except a hat to hold a micro-projector).

As more and more moves to the cloud, it seems fair to think that the OS would move there as well. Google already has their chrome OS in the cloud but it still requires a device to boot up to access it.

But with more Augmented Reality apps coming about and more interaction in the real spaces of life, does this picture seem that far off?

Google is currently working on their Goggles-tech which connects glasses to interact with an Android phone. The Golden-i is a project using Motorola, Microsoft, and Texas Instruments to make an all-inclusive mobile tech headset.

I think of this and the whitespace (link goes to my previous blog post in 2009 about whitespace) tech that Google, Motorola, Microsoft and others started working with in 2008 and wonder about the future of technology in the world and in our education world.

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