Friday, March 9, 2012

Data Driven - For the Win!

The title of this blog is based on the Twitter hashtag #dataftw. And it is a continuous topic of conversation about how much classtime is spent on collecting data but no knowledge really of how that data is used.

In an attempt to build a better unfolding for this conversation I wasn't physically in the room for, I will use a tool called "Storify" to build this post. Check it out sometime. 

This session was more of a discussion than a problem-solving event. I think the most valuable mention in this is how media and commerce have tools to connect consumers to data to help them make the best decision. However, our teachers don't necessarily know two major things about the data they collect:

1. What the data is and how it used
2. How to access the data to use for themselves

I handpicked some of the tweets from this presentation below. 

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  1. Reading this reminds me that education does not yet value "social intelligence" - nor has learned how to facilitate learning potential within any given room of 21st learners. I would like to converse more about this. :)