Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pause - Surviving

I want to take a pause to just say that I am surviving okay during this conference. My brain is wired. There are sessions within sessions and conversations within conversations. The rest of "Spring Break" will be a mind-dump for me to sort all this out.

 I had high hopes to post my schedule each morning but with late night "conversations" and early morning wake-ups to get downtown, my time is really not allowing me to post those. I haven't even been able to plan my day. I am now going session to session based on which is closes to me.

It is seriously nuts here. I feel I am losing my mind but yet connecting to a group of people who are dealing with issues I feel I am sometimes experiencing alone. There are times I wish I could see a familiar face. I see a lot of people glad-handing colleagues they have worked with in the past. I go into rooms and have to initiate every conversation. But I do initiate conversations and enjoy meeting all these different personalities.

I just wish the health training of H1N1 we all received in education was taught here. I have not seen people sneeze so much and openly without covering their mouths in a long time!

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