Thursday, March 1, 2012

SxSW Conference

March 6-13, I will be in Austin attending back to back conferences. My first is the SxSW EDU conference at the Austin Hilton. This is a conference with a focus on innovations in learning and is in it second year. Last year, I didn't attend because the focus was just on Project Share. This year, the conference is a bit more diverse with elements of mobile technology, social learning, collaboration, assessment, assistive technology, and a whole lot more. I am really looking forward to panel discussions and meeting people outside my normal realm of communication in my current social networks. Should be interesting!

Following EDU, I will be part of the SxSW Interactive conference. This is a non-traditionally education conference that is about journalism, gaming, social media, social networking and technology. It is the relevant, real-world perspective that makes everything we are doing so worthwhile. This is the conference that changes me the most and inspires me beyond any learning network where I am connected. The entire downtown area of Austin is transformed for SxSW and it is such an outpouring of creativity and artistry.

Here are my posts on my old blog from last year's SxSW. I was really blown away by the experience and now feel I can better manage my time. Who knows what celebrities I might bump into again this year?

My schedule for the week is posted online. Feel free to check in or follow me on Twitter @mradkins if you are interested in what is going on. I guarantee it will be quite a ride!

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