Friday, March 9, 2012

SXSW Cool Tools

Apps and Cool Tools from SXSW:

A really great tool being used by SXSW keynote and convention is something new to me called O-Hours, short for Office Hours. It is a way to setup a meeting with a keynoter to spend individual time with them in an online scheduler. I found this in Don Tapscott's session and he even announced his O-Hours at the Driskill Hotel.

SXSW keynoters and fellow startup specialists are setting up O-Hours in different areas all over Austin to meet with individuals in person or online.

I think of the terrific talent in our own TCEA conference and how much time is spent in blogging areas. Imagine if our talent-pool setup their own O-Hour sessions to let people schedule individual time with specialists in our field.

Apps of Note:  
This one is really great for the conference though there are some privacy concerns. It is considered a passive-location network in that it connects to your Facebook & Twitter accounts to find people around you (physically) who share similar interests. So during the course of the day, I get over 80 highlights showing me people with 1, 2, 20 similar interests to me who have been in the same vicinity as where I was walking.

Sonar works similar to Highlight but connects with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and LinkedIn to provide the same interest levels of those around you.

Path is making itself known as the alternative to Facebook without all the fluff that Facebook added (apps and ads) that made us all start to hate it.

Pixable is the "inbox for your photos" - it pulls the photos from your Twitter and Facebook timelines into one spot to see all at once. So when friends or colleagues post a pic on Twitter or FB, you can see them instantly in your Pixable account.

Zaarly is coming up in the ranks. It is again taking that passive-location system but helping you find sales deals from the people around you. It is a localized auction app where you can buy or sell items from anyone around you based on what you have for sale or are wanting to buy.

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