Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SXSW Dean Kamen

I have seen a lot of great sessions but this one was my absolute favorite. Dean Kamen is a brilliant inventor and motivator. I learned about him when Segway came out and followed his TED Talks showing an upright wheelchair and prosthesis for veterans.

I embedded two videos in this Storify that I highly recommend so you can understand more about this Da Vinci of our time.

As for his presentation, he was really soft-spoken about a very powerful message of hope and dedication to helping people around the world. This was the heart of SXSW for me and the absolute best part of the conference. I end my SXSW coverage on this blog with this presentation because of how touching it was.

Educators: he directed so much of his message to the FIRST Robotics program and how we need to package education better to reach our students. 

Enjoy and share with others.

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  1. Hi Joel!

    Thanks for this terrific post and your support of FIRST. I am a contractor for the IEEE Standards Association, which sponsored Dean Kamen's attendance at SXSW 2012. I organized this several other IEEE-SA sponsored events at SXSW with Dean Kamen and Maywa Denki. It was certainly an honor working with Dean and we are delighted you were inspired by his presentation. Without question, Dean's contribution to humanity is outstanding and his call to innovate is inspiring. We also think more people should know about FIRST Robotics Competitions (www.usfirst.org), so thanks for spreading the word through this excellent summary.

    Leigh Durst