Friday, March 9, 2012

SxSW Gamification

I attended a session on Gamification & Socialization involving Bing Gordon being questioned by Brad Stone of Business Week. I admit, I didn't know who Bing Gordon was when I went into the session. I wasn't impressed the first half. I was really confused by this laid back philosopher of gaming. But after reading his bio, I am really impressed.

"If you don't have an MBA yet, just play WOW, you'll learn more"

"Every Fortune 500 company should have a gamer on the board."

"Gamification should be about creating win-win environments."

Not a direct quote but he did say something to the effect that gamers believe that constant improvement is possible and added "with feedback" at the end.

"The most powerful element of gaming is not winning, it's collaboration. The math of teamwork makes the difference."

"Architect your company the way you would a team in a game. Privileges are like levels."

"Games reward failing quickly because that us how you learn where limits are. Entrepreneurs do it all the time."

On the topic of education: "John Dewey is replaced by John Madden [football]." - He said this and then asked that it be tweeted. I complied.

And then all hell broke loose for me. Bing made a comment that struck me hard. I have had these thoughts swirling in my head a while about gaming and education but haven't been able to put them into proper terminology.

An audience member asked about virtual currencies and whether gaming would extend to payment systems and virtual good. He specifically mentioned education using new currencies to award for student success.

Gaming culture and education. We keep trying to mesh these together but using an antiquated award system for student success: grades. I think we need to look at a new currency for our students if we are to apply gaming to learning. This thought isn't fully realized but it definitely is rooted. I think future sessions and conversations will help me sort this out. Any thoughts out there about this?

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  1. Joel, is Jane McGonigal speaking at SXSW again? I think she'd help crystallize your thoughts on this. I think I got it in a new way from her presentation.