Monday, March 12, 2012

SXSW Monday - Mar 12

Today is going to be crazy. You and I have quite a schedule to follow. I am hoping you following along on Twitter on topics. I may open a CoverItLive blog during the sessions if there is interest.

Today we have several keynotes. I think I will seat myself in the Exhibit Hall for most of the day. Here at SXSW, the Exhibit Hall is where the keynote presenters get to share if they aren't in Ballroom D on the fourth floor. Or they are simulcast due to spillover.

11:00 - Dean Kamen - Invention & Inspiration: Building a Better World
2:00 - Ray Kurzweil - Expanding Our Intelligence Without Limit #SXIQExpand \
3:30 - Biz Stone - Content as a Means for Social Change #SXContentAs

Other sessions I am Twitter-covering today:
9:30 - The iPad: The Second Coming of the CD-ROM #sxiPadCDROM
9:45 - Light and the Unexplored Communications Frontier #sxlight
11:00 - Own the Media or the Media Will Own You #sxownmedia
11:00 - The Future of the New York Times #SXFutureNYT
11:00 - Free Coffee, Bad Apples & The Future of Currency #sxfreecoffee
11:00 - How to Remember Anything: A Teach Yourself Guide #sxremember
11:30 - HOW: Why HOW We Do Anything Means Everything #sxHowWeDo
12:30 - The Business of Kevin Smith #sxkevinsmith
12:30 - Building the Next Generation of Innovators #sxgeninnov8
12:45 - An Emerging Solution to How We Teach Our Students #sxLearn2Grow
3:30 - Changing the Channel: The New Golden Age of TV with Richard Linklater, Timothy Levitch, Morgan Spurlock #sxhulugan
5:00 - Web Originals: Television's New Guinea Pigs - Lisa Kudrow on panel #sxweborigs
5:30 - Digital Leaders are Made, Not Born #sxLeadership

Are you ready to follow along? Share insight? Ideas? I hope so. We can do this together!!

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