Saturday, March 10, 2012

SXSW (sigh) My Saturday Schedule

Ok. So this is why Twitter is valuable to me.

At 11:00 today, there are 7 sessions I must be in. They are in different hotels and conference rooms. The topics are totally up my alley but I will only be in one location. So Twitter is going to help me. Here is my schedule so may change. I can't even comprehend after 12:30 yet.

9:30 - missed TechStars! - but will curate via #SXTechstars

9:45 - 10:45: Scope out the place, take pictures and finalize schedule.

Data Visualization for Social Good - #SXdata4good
How Data Can Predict the Future - #SXhappydata
Viral: Strategic Video Success - #SXAntiviral
Games to Enrich - #SXwhitecard
Future of Gaming - #SXgamefuture
Joss Whedon - #SXwhedon
Design for Simplicity - #SXSimplerUX
Transmedia - #SXacg2ts
Bravo TV's Top Chef on Transmedia - #SXbyBravo - I will be in this one to see Chef Tom!

Multiple Personality is not a Disorder, but the Norm - #SXthenorm
Remix and Steal - #SXRemix

Keynote: Barantunde Thurston - #SXkeynotunde

Community of Transparency: Open Data in Action - #SXCommunity

May head over to Palmer Center for Screenburn Arcade

Break through the Noise and Host Great Events - #SXGrev

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