Thursday, March 8, 2012

SxSWEDU Buzzword: OER

OER stands for Open Educational Resources and represents the vast library of digital resources that are used for teaching and learning that fall under open licensing. In other words, FREE digital content for teaching and shaping into curriculum.

This is getting more buzz due to the flexible nature of these resources to work on various mobile web devices. TEXTbooks are not flexible. They are not remixable. They are not digital (yet). And they most certainly have copyright issues. Plus they are not scalable nor are they sharable.

In our district, we have been looking into Flexbooks by CK12. Flexbooks are digital textbooks made by educators and students that can be downloaded and even changed.

You can publish your own Flexbook or borrow someone else's to modify for your needs. There are even Flexbooks written by other students on topics where learners may have difficulty.

This was a presentation I missed on OER and implementation ideas for classrooms. The presenter laid out easy steps for teachers to use to adopt OER materials for use in their teaching. I think this is something we should all be looking into more as we look at outstanding non-traditional tools we can shape to our own students' needs.

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  1. While I get the concept, I didn't know of "OER" as a common buzz word. Some of the FlexBooks I looked at were impressive. I remember thinking, "These are free? What is the catch?" See what consumerism and capitalism does to a mind? Ha!