Monday, April 9, 2012

The Social Organization

I've just begun reading the book The Social Organization: How to Use Social Media to Tap the Collective Genius of Your Customers and Employees by Anthony Bradley & Mark McDonald. The draw of this book to me is based on conversations I heard during SXSW Interactive. Many companies have grown too big and lost the ability to tap the collective for shared knowledge as before.

The introduction points to social media' ability to "minimize the constraints imposed by specialization and compartmentalization.... [and] retain or recapture some of the benefits, human and organizational, of that collective start-up without losing the glue that currently holds the organization together".

I think of our use of social media as educators but how much of it have we actually applied to our profession? Our internal district as a social network?

Some of us have read Shirky, Tapscott, Pink, and others. But have we realized the impact of implementing social media as a tool to tap the collective genius of our education system. We try to implement social media as a change-making tool in education but have we done so in our school leadership? Our district leadership? Our community at-large?

The reviews of this book share that beyond the rhetoric of social media, the authors propose ideas on how to implement and to see real change. I am hoping to read about this and am greatly impressed so far with the chapters I have been reading.

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