Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Curation of Conferences

So often, people tell me how they believe Twitter is a complete waste of time. It has no value to them or to their life structure. I introduce teachers and principals to Twitter constantly but they just aren't able to wrap their brains around how to use this tool.

Today, there are four events taking place of which I am not attending in person. Two are conferences. One is a webinar. And the other is an online Twitter conference.

All of these are professional development for me. All of these involve people in my Personal Learning Network. All of these are spread around the state and have international potential for starting collaboration.

Today, I am working at my desk in my office in Kerrville. But I am using Twitter to attend all these events and create a running dialogue to share with others like me who are not able to attend all these sessions - including the people who are physically at the conferences. Imagine being able to discover the notes from sessions you were not able to attend because you were in one session typing your own notes.

This is the power of Twitter.

People sharing brief notes about their experience in one room with a hashtag (#) referencing the event so people like me can discover what is going on and sharing that with others.

It is conference surfing.

I use two tools to help me.

1. Tweetdeck - a free app that lets me select columns of hashtags to view at the same time.

2. Storify - A system that lets me curate the tweets into a timeline narration to share with others.

Using these two systems together, I plan to have notes on four different events taken from hundreds of different perspectives taking notes from their own experience.

Keep watching! Posts to come as these events occur.

The best part, I can do all this from my own desk. No travel required. And if I get called away or have to take a call or need to go out for a bit, the system still tracks based on the posts. I can curate them later.

Hashtags I am following: #ipadpalooza; #swblc12; #tcearecharge; #140conf

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