Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Techpalooza 2.0

Techpalooza 2.0 happened yesterday with a crowd of about 97 attendees including visitors from Schertz-Cibolo-University City ISD, Our Lady of the Hills, and Notre Dame schools. It was fantastic as we participated in some interactive games on the onset and then setup our breakout sessions.

This year, we added some pre-set structured sessions to give attendees choices to attend more varieties.

We had 2 SMART Training areas, an iPlayground, and a non-managed QR code gallery. The QR Gallery had a lot of interaction even without a trainer in the room. Teachers would walk through and learn the concepts of QR Codes while accessing them on the various papers posted on the walls. I had several of them tell me how cool that was to learn on their own from point A to B.

I think this is an interesting concept - to believe teachers could grasp information on their own - when so many trainings and meetings by certain administrators don't allow free form communication, feedback, idea-sharing, collaboration, or discussion to gauge whether information is being learned.

I think administrators and meeting leaders could try this concept every now and then. Take a concept you need to train your staff about. Instead of making a meeting, make a walk-though about it. Invite staff to walk-through during a given week with a guestbook at the end to allow comments. Review and share the comments. It could be that you think your staff can't get along without you baby-feeding them information. This would be a way to test to see if you could allow them to learn on their own.

Remember, these people did go to college at some point. They did take and earned a certification. There must be something in them that allows them to learn on their own. ;)

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